The warm sunny weather is about to come to an end. As much as we enjoy flying kites in the parks and taking long walks on the beach, we just have to adjust to that reality. 


But as the short days and cold long nights of winter begin to creep in, what are you doing to prepare for them? It can get dark easily during winter so you must have your electricity game screwed on tight. 

And to help you out, we will be taking a look at 3 of the most likely electrical problems you may encounter during winter.

Your Circuit Breakers Are Tripping

Winter is a trying time for most folks. Aside from the fact that you have to reduce how much time you spend outside because of the weather, you are likely to experience extremely high electricity bills during this period. And the reason for this is quite simple. 


Because winters are usually cold, you'd need to spend more electricity powering up the portable heaters and heating systems. This increased demand for electricity from your home's electrical system can lead to an electrical overload. And when the load gets too much, your circuit breakers are put under a lot of stress so they trip off often. Not only are your circuit breakers affected but even the light bulbs in your home don't shine as bright as they ought to when there is an electrical overload. Instead, they blink from time to time, fluctuating between bright and low light intensity.


Solving this type of electrical problem is not as difficult as one would expect. All you'd need to do is to find a way to increase the capacity of your home's electricity supply system. An upgrade to your electrical system means that you don't have to worry about your circuit breakers tripping off anytime you plug in additional devices or appliances - such as heaters in winter. 


However, you'd need to employ the services of a qualified electrician for the job if you want safe and high-quality work done. If you're wondering where to find a professional electrician near you in the city of Karratha Australia, then Cozco Electrical Contractors is your plug! You can contact us today and share your electrical challenges, whatever they may be, and let us proffer a solution.

Your Equipment Misbehaves Because It Is Outdated

We all have that one item (or items) we've grown attached to over the years. The mere thought of disposing of them, even if they have outlived their purposes, is a difficult pill to swallow. We understand the emotional attachment you might have to that jukebox sitting in one corner of your basement, given to you by your father before you left home. And maybe sometimes, you turn it on to listen to some of his favourite songs, while reminiscing about the good times you spent with him. 


As lovely as this sounds, you'd need to be extra careful with this kind of old equipment during winter. Outdated electronics and equipment pose a serious challenge to your home's electrical system during the cold days - and nights - of winter. How do they do this? Because they were built in an era with (relatively) limited technology, they are not usually compatible with the more sophisticated technology available in modern homes today. Such incompatibility has a high potential of causing fire outbreaks, especially when the demand placed on the antique equipment makes it heat up often. 


This is why here at Cozco Electrical Contractors, we usually advise our clients to check their equipment regularly. As a rule of thumb, if equipment (such as an electrical heater) has stayed more than four years in your home, then it is time to consider replacing it. Such periodic electrical checks are important in making sure your home is not at risk of going up in blazes while you sleep. And the team at Cozco Electrical Contractors is exceptionally experienced in conducting these kinds of checks, in addition to handling any other identified electrical maintenance work requiring attention.

You Have Power Outages

One of the most common electrical challenges you'd likely experience during winter is a power outage. As snowfall increasingly falls on electrical wires and poles, the weight of the accumulated snow is enough to cause tension in the wires carrying electricity to homes, which can lead to unexpected power outages. And because of the bad weather, it may take your electricity supplier longer than usual to rectify the issue. Even if you can't control what happens to the electricity supply when it snows, if your home is not properly protected, you'd likely experience more power outages during winter. 


To reduce your home's susceptibility to human-induced power outages, it makes sense to have a professional electrician near you carry out a comprehensive evaluation of your home's electrical system ahead of the coming winter period. Doing this will go a long way in ensuring that your home is well suited to handle whatever storms winter decides to throw at it. Such examinations carried out by a licensed Karratha electrician typically take into consideration:

The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home. Sometimes, even when devices are turned off, they still use up electricity if they are plugged into a socket. It is important to know what uses up electricity in your home.


The State Of Your Backup Generator. You would not want to be disappointed by your backup generator when you need it most because you didn't check to ascertain its readiness for use.


Your Electrical Outlets. Checking if the power outlets in your home are in good working condition is crucial to surviving the long winter. 


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Winter (or any of the other seasons) is too long a time for you to be without electricity. So, for all your electrical issues and concerns, including maintenance, repairs and installments, Contact Us Today at Cozco Electrical Contractors.

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