With the advances in technology today, smart homes are increasingly popular. If you are building your dream home or wish to transform your existing home into a smart one, then our electricians in Karratha can help install your product. With a smart home system you can activate lighting, your alarm system, control your audio-visual units, control your swimming pool pump or activate the air-conditioning so that it is cooler once you get home. With summer around the corner, having the aircon on when you get home is a great thing to keep you cooler this summer. Our electricians in Karratha can work with a full electrical layout to wire up your home to be smart and enable automation. A smart home provides flexibility in what you can do and you can use a smart device or remote control for home automation. Want to open the blinds with the click of a button? Or turn on the kitchen lights from the bedroom? You can with the touch of a button. With smart security, you can have security cameras wired in or wirelessly transmitting a live feed. You can receive notifications to your smartphone or smart device such as tablet when motion is detected and tap into the live feed from anywhere.

Working With Property Managers

Cozco Electrical Contractors have electricians in Karratha that cater for property management. Aside from working on smart homes, we have a team of electricians in Karratha who are highly-qualified and trained to perform a wide range of electrical work on residential and commercial premises. We understand the nature of electrical work and the significance it has so we offer superb workmanship for a cost-effective rate. We can rectify issues with appliances and equipment, wiring and lighting and conduct services and maintenance on electrical goods. Working with real estate agents, Homes West, the Government and regional housing and commercial establishments, we complete switchboard work and annual RCD and smoke alarm compliance checks. With peace of mind for Property Managers, our experienced electricians in Karratha ensure that wiring, re-wiring and maintenance and repairs are achieved within a timely manner and effectively. We take great pride in delivering exceptional customer service and quality workmanship so that our property management stakeholders can enjoy the fruits of our labour. Our services are diverse and we have insurance and credentials to offer qualified electricians in Karratha for your electrical contractor needs.

Quality Lighting

The once popular halogen and incandescent lighting has been replaced with the power of LED lighting and solar lights. Advances in technologies have paved the way for LED lighting to become increasingly popular in contemporary Australia and our electricians in Karratha know this all too well. From lighting up your home or commercial property to lighting up your garden and outdoor entertaining area or outdoor vicinity, LED lighting is cost-effective and adds security to your premises. LED lighting is low maintenance and energy-efficient unlike traditional globes and halogen lighting. Depending on where you place the lighting, you can have LED lighting in your kitchen, bathroom and over pathways and walkways in the outdoor area. It is cool to touch which makes it safer for children as well rather than heating up like traditional globes. And further to this, LED lighting has a long lifespan being durable and strong. It is not comprised of mercury and other toxic materials and is more eco-friendly and sustainably-focused than older globes. For environmental-friendliness, choose LED lighting or solar lights in your outdoors. Solar lighting has become increasingly popular and you can get a range of different solar lights from ones that attach to your gutters as downlights to stakes in the ground to overarching lighting. You can also recycle the casing of LED bulbs which makes it environmentally-friendly. With electricians in Karratha, Cozco Electrical Contractors can wire up LED lighting into your smart home automation system and this increases your security and optimal lighting for indoors and outdoors.

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