Being a company of qualified Electricians in Adelaide South, Cozco Electrical Contractors assure premium-quality workmanship which is second to none. It is a diverse role which comes with its fair share of risk but it is worthwhile to satisfy clients’ requirements and exceed expectations. Poor-quality electrical work is something we can rectify with our experience, knowledge and expertise. No one wants hazardous electrical work carried out by electricians so we offer remedial services to ensure that your electrical wiring and appliances are up to date and quality assured. We don’t cut corners or engage in lazy installation and we don’t sacrifice on quality of equipment and tools. Not only do our electricians achieve high-quality work, we conduct ourselves with professionalism and integrity. Cozco Electrical Contractors prides itself on delivering transparency and honesty with work to be done and we strictly adhere to Workplace, Health & Safety (WH&S). We strongly-value the safety of our team as well as you and your household or team members and members of the public. Advancements in technology means innovation is required to remain abreast of the trends and Cozco Electrical Contractors keeps up to date with innovative technologies.

What Do Electricians Do?

You can rely on Cozco Electrical Contractors to perform outstanding work each and every time. Rather than giving it a go yourself and risking your life or that of others around you, why not hire a professional Electrician? By engaging with us, you can achieve electrical work of the highest quality such as wiring and installations, re-wiring and upgrades and maintenance. Furthermore, we conduct repairs on appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and electrical machinery. Further to these, we work with cabling and telephone wires and can cater for requirements for residential homes, commercial and industrial premises. As part of our service, our Electricians in Adelaide South can perform testing and tagging which is a procedure for checking the safety of electrical appliances and machinery. We initially inspect the item or unit for obvious damage and secondly, test the appliance or machinery electrically utilising a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT). We aim to minimise the risk of an electrical hazard by testing and tagging appliances. Businesses and organisations that have electrical appliances are required to ensure that they are tested and tagged regularly which is outlined in the AS/NZS 3760 Standard. Some industries like construction, mining and other heavy-duty industrial workplaces are required to have their appliances and machinery tested and tagged more frequently than the average business due to the nature of their work.

Looking After Appliances

Speaking of appliances and testing and tagging, there are ways to maintain your appliances without having to engage in hazardous work. Electricians in can perform maintenance on your appliances, however there are things you can do to prevent having to engage Cozco Electrical Contractors to perform repairs. Cleaning out the condenser coils on your refrigerator is highly-important and ensuring that there is no vermin inside the back of the fridge or eating at the wiring. Try not to let the condenser, compressor and evaporator assembly collect dust or overheat. Cleaning out your dishwasher is another important thing to do in maintaining it; running a cleaning rinse through and cleaning the inside will potentially prevent issues with your dishwasher. That goes for your washing machine and dryer too. Cleaning out air-conditioners is also a way to prevent your air-conditioner from malfunctioning. If you don’t wish to engage in work yourself, have a professional do it for you or engage with Cozco Electrical Contractors for repair or maintenance work. Faulty appliances occur often due to faulty wiring which cause the appliance to malfunction and presents as a hazard. Have our Electricians in Adelaide South re-wire your appliance and achieve premium-quality workmanship each and every time you engage with Cozco Electrical Contractors.