Access to real-time data is essential for making informed decisions in the fast-paced corporate world. This is where the cutting-edge Fuel Management System, SmartFill Gen 2, comes into action. It makes use of cloud computing's promise to put useful information at your fingertips, whether you're a fleet manager keeping things under control or an accountant crunching statistics.

SmartFill Gen 2 makes it possible to receive notifications regarding unexpected fuel usage right on your phone via SMS or via email via the internet. What happens, though, if your communication network fails? Don't panic; a straightforward USB connection on the front panel still allows you to download data.

The ease with which SmartFill Gen 2 may be accessed online is its charm. It's completely online, so there's no need to install any expensive software. Additionally, you can tailor graphs and reports using the web-based reporting capability to meet your needs.

The Benefits of SmartFill

A strong fuel management system can make all the difference in today's demanding business environment. Here comes SmartFill Gen 2, a game-changing solution that offers organisations an array of amazing benefits.

User-Friendly Modular Design

It has never been simpler to navigate the complexity of fuel management. The click-in, click-out modular design of SmartFill Gen 2 makes usage and maintenance simple.

Flexible Reporting and Real-Time Data

With customizable reporting choices and real-time data at your fingertips, stay on top of your fuel management. You can easily make educated selections with SmartFill Gen 2.

Seamless Cloud Based Technology

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of installing specialised software. The best aspect of SmartFill Gen 2 is that it makes use of cutting-edge cloud technology to ensure that all of your data is promptly recorded online. It's completely free to access!

Total Fuel Control

Gain unprecedented control over your fuel utilisation. You can control gasoline by driver, volume, and time with SmartFill Gen 2, assuring efficiency and responsibility.

Security Everywhere

SmartFill Gen 2 serves as your watchful bodyguard even in the most lonely or distant locations. It provides security by thwarting theft and accurately tracking every gasoline drop used.

Effortless Dispensing

SmartFill Gen 2's simultaneous operation of up to four gasoline/oil dispensers brings efficiency and convenience together, simplifying fuel management.

Comprehensive Data Records

Your data is protected by SmartFill Gen 2, which keeps fuel consumption information for up to 2,000 vehicles. Additionally, it keeps a thorough history of the previous 5,000 fuel transactions, giving you a complete picture.