Split System Air-Conditioner Installers and Electricians Pilbara

Split system air-conditioners are ideal where you only need to cool or heat a few areas. They’re relatively economical to run and deliver comfort quickly to the essential areas of your home or office.

Cozco Electrical Contractors provides a one-stop-shop for split system air-conditioning in the Karratha area.  We will supply and/or install indoor and outdoor units, and wire them to your switchboard so you’re ready to go.

Air Conditioners We Can Install and Repair

  • Simple back-to-back air conditioner installation, including outdoor unit mounting
  • More complex installations including pipe runs, high-site outdoor unit mounting and condensate pump installation
  • Wall mounted air conditioner installation
  • Window mounted air conditioner installation

Need an electrician to install your split system air-conditioner?

If you’re looking for help installing a split system, wall or window mounted air-conditioner, contact Cozco electrical contractors or call us on 0408 763 833 today.

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Cozco Electrical Contractors recommends and installs Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Split Air-Conditioners. Choice magazine rated Mitsubishi’s unit as the best on the market – MHI untis are ideally suited to the Pilbara and our local climate.

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Marine

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