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If you are a factory manager or you’re involved in industry, you’ll have significant sums tied up in your plant and equipment – which is why optimising its performance, and minimising costly downtime, is so vital to your operation.

Avoiding power failures and workplace hazards requires regular servicing and maintenance of machinery and the electrical systems that power it.

One way to maximise efficiency is to put in place a Preventative Maintenance Plan with our industrial electricians – it’s the best way to reduce unforseen electrical failures.

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Some of the standard electrical checks we offer for industry include:

  • RCD Testing: Safety switch RCD (Residual Current Device) testing, in line with WA regulations and Australian Standard AS/NZS3760:2010
  • Emergency Lighting: twice yearly testing and maintenance of emergency lights used for evacuation in situations without power
  • Thermographic Testing: scheduled temperature testing of electrical switchboards for possible faults such as loose terminals or overloaded circuits, which can cause electrical fires

Industrial Mining Electrical Services We Offer:

  • Breakdowns
  • Fuel tank fixing
  • Winches
  • Underground tanks
  • Generator repairs
  • Roller doors

We have extensive underground mining experience.

Cozco's industrial electrical contractors design and implement bespoke projects to complement your construction and maintenance requirements.

We can provide a support service at short notice to help maintain your output or regain operation.

We deliver a wide range of industrial electrical services and are here for your day-to-day maintenance requirements.

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We are happy to tailor a Preventative Maintenance Plan to suit your business operations.

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