Marine Electrical Services in Karratha and Pilbara

Cozco Electrical Contractors provide scheduled and emergency maintenance & repair services across a wide range of marine requirements.  Whether you own or operate a vessel, or you oversee jetties, wharves or shore power supplies, we are here to help.

We service areas from Dampier to Pt Samson as well as the new Anketell port and rail development. Cozco is MSIC Approved.

Our marine electrical services include:

  • Onshore/offshore vessels electrical services
  • Utility vessels
  • Crew transfer vessels
  • Dive support vessels
  • Accommodation vessels
  • Landing craft
  • Multi cat
  • Split hopper barge
  • Landing barges 
  • Pontoon barges
  • Flat top barges
  • Dumb barges
  • Work barges
  • Tugs

Shore-based marine electrical services in Pilbara and Karratha:

  • Jetties
  • Wharves
  • Shore power supplies

Marine maintenance & repair services

  • Rotating machinery repair (generator, alternator, electric motor, AVR)
  • Fault finding, disconnection/reconnection for change out/rewind
  • Component/machinery sourcing and/or delivery/removal to/from worksite
  • Generator/alternator control system service, inspections and repair
  • Switchgear & component change-out/upgrade
  • Mechanical services
  • Pumping system repairs
  • Split aircon installations
  • Lifting equipment inspection and repairs
  • Test & Tag

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